ARTICLE EXPERT ISEMA : l'apprentissage de l'anglais passe par la pratique : enjoy English!

early February

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English doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck! At ISEMA, we do our best to make our training programmes interesting and fun.

During English Fortnight, which usually takes place in late January, early February, our Bachelor and Master 1 full-time students benefit from an intensive immersion course which includes activities, such as a drama workshop, a cookery workshop, business role-plays, every-day situations, songs, films, debates and more!

An imersive Experience !

New in 2018 – students plan an action-packed, four-day trip to an English-speaking country (British Isles) where they book their transport and accommodation, call companies to schedule visits, arrange cultural activities to do… all within an allocated budget! Discover the article about this trip!


Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

There is also a change in our online TOEIC training… Students log on to ETS Global where they follow the module that corresponds to their level (determined by a placement test). Their progress is monitored and there are specific times when they can meet with Mrs. Benchoukroun, aka. “Mrs. B” (by appointment) for individual coaching or to discuss any issues they may have. And Mrs. Coral, aka “Mrs. C” would be happy to help you anytime she’s around.


For fun !

Students are encouraged to watch their favourite films and series in English as well… and for those whose busy lives leave little time for leisure, here are some links to free resources with tips and videos to help you on your way!


Par Nicolas Coral et Salima Benchoukroun, intervenantes d’anglais à l’ISEMA.


CORAL Nicolas intervenante en anglais à l'ISEMA

De nationalité britannique mais « provençale d’adoption », Mme. Coral a eu plusieurs vies : vendeuse, secrétaire, assistante commerciale, traductrice et… mère au foyer ! Aujourd’hui, elle est formatrice en anglais technique et professionnel, et gère l’entreprise de son mari.





BENCHOUKROUN Salima 4e701Forte d'une expérience de 16 ans dans la communication aux Etats-Unis, Mme. Benchoukroun a obtenu un master en communication institutionnelle et un master en relations publiques et publicité. Elle a exercé de multiples fonctions en communication dans des entreprises de toutes tailles avant de se mettre à son compte en tant que consultante en communication et formatrice en anglais des affaires.



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