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ISEMA – Institut Supérieur Européen de Management Agroalimentaire – an institute specialized in the training of future executives and managers of the food industry, logistics and large-scale distribution.

Isema – an institute recognized by the State, proposes training programmes leading to a Baccalaureate degree + 3, 4 and 5 years studies.

The strong professional orientation of Isema guarantees our graduates an excellent employment placement in jobs such as commercial and marketing managerial positions in the agricultural sector, food industry companies, logistics and large-scale distribution and related sectors (environment, trade, import/export, semi-processed food products, advice, and laboratories).

DEGREES and SKILLS recognised and much sought after by COMPANIES.

Our programmes are based on a close partnership with two member schools of the CONFERENCE DES GRANDES ECOLES : Euromed Marseille (a management school) and Isara (an engineering school in agriculture and the food industry).

Indeed, the aim of our training programmes is to give students both the technical and commercial skills which companies are continually looking for. It has become increasingly difficult for companies to recruit graduates with this profile.

Created to meet this requirement, Isema trains students to become professionals who have expertise in different fields, such as trade negotiations, international trade, marketing, management, as well as specific knowledge relating to food products : raw materials, manufacturing techniques, quality and food safety.

Every year, food industry and mass distribution professionals approve Isema’s programmes.


Isema is located in the state-of-art regional science park, Agroparc, devoted to the food industry and biotechnologies.

This Campus groups together researchers (INRA, CTCPA), companies, technology centres and several educational institutes (ISEMA, IUT, 2 IUP) with over 1800 students.

Greater Avignon is the logistics crossroads of Southern Europe. Moreover, it has one of the biggest commercial areas in France and is host to numerous dynamic food industry companies including our partners – Campbell-Liebig, Nestlé, Ducros Mc Cormick, Gyma, Agis, Naturex, Orangina, Creno group.

Can there be a better environment for an educational pole devoted to the food industry and distribution related jobs ?


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